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Yay! Some action!

First, WELCOME, all new members! And old members!

A lot has been going on, especially with people doing so much lately!
After the creator of tlsg joined and someone posted an actual TLSG clip(thank you to missing for sharing it), but also, someone else made a TLSG Wikipedia! This was sent to me through email awhile ago so I put it off long enough! Be sure to check this out:

as well as a Wikipedia on Paul Fierlinger!

Thanks to mpadams for taking the time to make these thorough and informative pages!

Now what, you say? This place is inactive? I'm thinking of ideas still. How would everyone like a contest, like an icon contest or any kind of photoshop contest? Or maybe just a post dedicated to trips down memory lane? If anyone has some ideas to help this community see more action, let me know but in the meantime, when I have time, I'm still brainstorming!
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