R K (missing) wrote in tlsg,

Teeny Little Super Guy

Ok, I expect tons of love for this post... lots of people adding me to their friends list... the whole works... I dug and I dug, I had to do some video editing in virtual dub... but here you go, if this goes over well, I might be able to find and secure more, just be sure to comment:
http://rapidshare.de/files/1674757/tlsg.avi.html (You need to click on the "free" download part, then wait for the download.

I figure a lot of user icons can come out of this one file, animated too! :) The filesize is 10megs for those on dialup worrying. If you are on dialup it'll probably take about 50 minutes to download, but the nostalgia is well worth it. The picture is crystal clear (just a nick jr. australia logo in the upper right corner) and it's a nice trip down memory lane.
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